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This is Your Last Chance to Book for the 9-Day Intensive Mud and Wood Course, 4th - 12th July

15th June 2015

We are just recovering from an amazing week teaching and giving talks at Clayfest 2015 in Scotland. Over 5 days, a few hundred earth building experts and enthusiasts from 18 different countries passed through the festival. With many participants camping on site, there was as much discussion and craic after hours as there was during the official programme. I will write more about it soon. But for now, we need you to let us know if you want to attend our 9-Day Intensive Mud and Wood Course.

We are sorry to say that bookings for the course are currently low. If we do not get more numbers confirming by the end of this week (19/06/2015), we will have no choice but to cancel. After such an energetic and inspiring week in Scotland, this is the last thing we want to do.

So please contact us at and let us know if you want to attend. At this late stage, we will require full payment to confirm your booking. If the course will not run, we will refund your booking in full within a few days of cancellation. We will be making our final decision this weekend (20th June), as there is a lot of preparation required for the course.

If you want to find out more about the 9-Day Intensive Mud and Wood Course, take a look at some of the subjects we will cover:

soil sampling   foot mixing   hand building with cob

Day 1 is all about soil testing...



foot mixing cob...



and hand building


setting out   making formwork   digger mixing cob

Set out a building on Day 2 ...



and learn to make formwork.



Day 3 covers digger mixing....


cobbing with formwork   plinth wall   more theory

foundations, ground floors & more cobbing.



Build a plinth wall on Day 4 ...



and learn how to insulate cob.


timber frame wall   model making   more cobbing

Day 5 is all about timber frame.



Make a design model on Day 6..



... tackle some more cobbing....


mud sculpting   beams and joists   theory in the classroom

and learn to sculpt with mud.



Make beams and joists on Day 7



and each day there will be theory classes too.


roofs   earth plastering   natural edge wood shelves

Build a pitched roof on Day 8.


Day 9 will cover plastering ...


.. and natural edge woodwork.

There will plenty of laughs, good food and the odd social night too. At the end of it all, you will probably be exhausted but satisfied (it's not called "intensive" for nothing) and you will have a really good grounding in what is involved in building a regulation-compliant natural home .... This is the real deal.

So, if you think that this is the course for you ... please get in touch at or book your place through the 9-Day Intensive Mud and Wood Course Page.

We hope to hear from you (before the end of the end of this week, remember) ... and to get building with you on 4th July.

Copyright 2015, Féile Butler - Mud and Wood


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