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We will no longer be hosting natural building workshops at the Mud and Wood House.

Contact us if you would like us to travel to you to host a workshop. We cover:


Design of Natural Buildings:

Site Selection, Orientation, Space Design, Material Selection, Insulation and Heating Options


Cob Oven:

Learn the basics of cob construction by building a sculptural and practical outdoor oven.


Natural Edge Wood Furniture:

From sourcing, milling and drying timber to making finished pieces of beautiful furniture


Cabin Building:

Wall, Floor and Roof Structure, Insulation Options, Cladding Options


Earth Plastering:

Make your own plasters from the mud beneath your feet.


Natural Building Construction:

Construction techniques using a range of materials from stone to cob to straw-bale and timber-frame.

A flat fee will be charged for all courses. Rates will depend on the number of participants, location, complexity, and duration of the course. A 50% non-refundable deposit will be required to book a workshop. The deadline for payment of deposit will depend on the details of each course. Mud and Wood will supply a list of all materials required for each course. If additional equipment/tools may be required, Mud and Wood will also supply this information. The flat fee will cover tuition fees only. It will not cover the cost of any materials, tools or equipment required for the workshop. Should a workshop be open to the public, Mud and Wood will assist in advertising it through our social media channels. This will be ancillary to advertising by the workshop host. Mud and Wood will not be responsible for recruiting participants on any workshop. Mud and Wood has full third party public liability insurance which will cover all workshops. Contact us for more details or to arrange your workshop at